Terrazzo Tiles & Slabs – Ecofriendly

Our materials are made of materials with a past   #recycle #resin-free

Sustainability primarily begins by durability of  Agglo Terrazzo and the efficient and careful handling of energy and resources needed. Our company stands for producing only ecofriendly and recycled material, composing Marble chips ,cement and water to a high-end product, entirely resin-free

Agglocement – Terrazzo Tiles – Agglomerate

The quality of an innovative product “AGGLO TERRAZZO – PANDER TERRAZZO®”

Pander Agglo Terrazzo is the line of innovative materials, ideal for indoor and outdoor floorings and any kind of tiling.  

Produced with an innovative technology, which puts together a mixture of prestigious stone materials such as marble, calcareous rock, granite, siliceous stone with cement and water. The result is a completely natural product which thanks to its agreeable aesthetic appearance can be the ideal solution for elegant and glamorous spaces, but at the same time it is particularly suitable for places where lots of people walk, thanks to its high level physical/technical characteristics.

Tiles cutted from Slabs

40x40x2 cm

60x30x2 cm

50x30x2 cm

30x30x2 cm

60x60x2 cm

80x80x3 cm

100x100x3 cm

120x120x3 cm

other sizes and thicknesses available

Surface: polished , honed ,sandblasted , brushed, antique finish

Pander Terrazzo tiles have a dedicated design focus, as well as having exceptional physical and mechanical characteristics. They are, therefore, an ideal solution for applications which require both a strong aesthetic, as well as a resistant and long wearing finish. Applications range from both residential to heavily trafficked commercial areas such as trade and shopping centres, airports, hospitals, schools and large buildings.

Pander Terrazzo Agglocement Slabs and cut to size


305x125x2 cm

305x125x3 cm

305x125x4 cm

other thicknesses on request

Cut to size:

Treads and risers
Stairs in one piece

Pander Terrazzo is available in a wide range of colours, aggregates, sizes and finishes which provide effective flooring and cladding solutions for a wide range of requirements. They can be readily applied to diverse spaces and architectural styles including:

• Internal and external floors installed on screed; 

• Internal and external raised access floors;

• Interior and exterior cladding and ventilated facades;

This material has many advantages that make it a inimitable product:


It offers a versatile, eco-friendly design solution for architects, designers and builders. Upon request we can supply customed colours with a variety of materials, hence creating individually tailored products to satisfy any customer and designer’s expectation, resulting in original and exclusive environments.


The technical and aesthetic features of these products remain unchanged, even when large quantities are involved, allowing the realization of large surfaces.


The large amount of stone (about 75% of its composition) gives the tiles a natural, full and eviable apperance. This factor is likewise responsible for the great resistance to abrasion as well as for the other physical and mechanical features.

Respect for environment

All these products consist entirely of natural materials, making them a leader in environmentally sustainable design, and suitable for use in both commercial and residential application, respecting the bio-construction and environment safe principles.

Pander Terrazzo in fact is made only with such natural components as stone aggregates obtained trough the crushing of waste material from marble, granite, quartz, quartzite.. quarries, and siliceous sand, mixed with cement and water.

• The products don’t contain resins or other materials that are not compatible with current requirements for environmental safeguard.

• The processing residues do not pollute

• The production process  does not require firing in  at high temperature and this represents a substantial saving of energy

• The stone aggregates used for the production of Granite range are declared recycled materials according to the UNI EN ISO 14021  standards, with 100% recycled contents accordingly to point b).

• The Pander Terrazzo Tiles can be restored and renovated more times after its installation (polishing it on site) and it allows a long-lasting life of the flooring.